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Congratulations on joining hundreds of parents from all over the world that are transforming their kids lives and building stronger family relationships and a more open dialogue.

As you know, OriOri is a clothing and learning company that nurtures the bond between parents and children by empowering a parent to question who their child really is, and what they would like to inspire in them. For that reason, our collections are not based on prints, but rather on personality; for example, the Naturalist, the Dreamer, the Adventurer, the Minimalist, the Genius, the Artist and the Festive

Each collection is also theme-based; for example, our SleepBox comes with a nightsuit and a book, our FestiveBox an Indian outfit and a book on a god/goddess, and the PlayBag a t-shirt encased in a paper bag that contains an activity printed on the bag itself.

In the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic, we have seen parents struggle with keeping their little ones busy, attempting to limit screen time, and yet have some fun in the process. 

This Quarantainment Kit is the first of its series; we hope your little ones enjoy it. Please do write to us to tell us what you liked (or didn’t like) about it. Now, let's have fun!