Experiential + Immersive Learning via OriOri's SleepBox, FestiveBox + PlayBag

Did you know that immersive learning experiences can greatly improve the parent-child relationship? Here at OriOri, we are passionate about creating products that children not only love, but ones that are also conducive to a highly beneficial immersive and experiential learning experience for any child.

Let’s take a look at how OriOri's immersive + experiential learning products can lead to better and long lasting learning for children!


Experiential learning allows children to reflect.

OriOri products have specific prints that stimulate a child’s inner creativity and unique thought process. These prints encourage the child to reflect on the scenario and theme depicted on the print, connect it with the book or the activity, and allow them to absorb the concept in a completely different way, leaving greater impact on their memory.


OriOri's activities improves interpersonal skills.

Because immersive learning attempts to place the child directly in an interactive learning situation, they learn to develop better interpersonal skills as they relate to the other person joining them in the story they are creating. In addition, two kids can do the OriOri SleepBox or FestiveBox activity together and learn to share their space. Think, lesser fights and easier playdates!


Immersive learning allows kids to learn non-traditional life skills.

Academic skills are vitally important to a child’s education and lifelong life skills, but non-traditional educational skills are just as important.

OriOri products encourage a child to research topics on their own and to ask questions about subjects that they are curious about. This also has the added benefit of improving discussions between the parent and the child as they think about complex concepts and scenarios.


OriOri’s themes develop empathy

OriOri product themes, for example, our Avocado nightsuit in the Genius SleepBox and its corresponding book on feelings, teach kids about emotions and how to deal with them effectively.

Through discussions with a parent about the pyjamas, and reading the book on emotion that is paired with the Acocado nightsuit, a child starts to understand the nature of feelings. The resulting empathy and compassion developed for themselves and their fellow human beings is a valuable life skill.

Development + improvement of critical analysis skills

Experiential learning includes reflection and simulation of a variety of life situations. When a child is immersed in experiential learning, they slowly develop critical analysis skills as they think about and reflect on the story that they are enacting via the activity.


Are you interested in bringing immersive and experiential learning to your child? Take a look at our product range, which your child will not only love, but also learn from! You can thank us later! After all, kids love activities and this is a great way to educate them + entertain them at the same time!


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